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So you plunked in the search term Homeview Sioux Falls and you ended up here. You’re either looking for a realtor, looking for a home in Sioux Falls, or just checking what’s out there in the Sioux Falls Real Estate market. I’ll help you find what you are looking for. (Feel free to skip right to the good stuff and go directly to this hot listing.) 

Why Homeview Sioux Falls?

Homeview-Sioux-FallsSo why did you choose Homeview Sioux Falls? Are you looking for a realtor? There are many benefits to using a realtor. The biggest and most important benefit is protection. Whether you are buying or selling, a realtor offers protection and convenience with paperwork and legality. They offer guidance and will help you find what you are looking for. I’m not a realtor myself and I have nothing to gain by recommending a realtor. But frankly, there is another viable option, especially in today’s economy.

The Alternative to Homeview Sioux Falls

Many people choose Homeview Sioux Falls to locate a realtor. Homeview Sioux Falls Let me present another option. FSBO. That’s For-Sale-By-Owner, or on the flip side, purchase on your own without using a buyer’s agent. Why would you do that and not just go to Homeview Sioux Falls and find a realtor? Easy. Think about it. Why do most people look for alternative options? That’s right. Greenbacks. Dineros. MONEY!

Homeview Sioux Falls vs FSBO or Buyer’s Agent

You can save yourself a lot of scratch simply by doing all the work yourself. With Craigslist, Owners.com, Trulia.com, and even the national MLS, it’s easier than ever to list your home for sale or find a home to purchase. I researched for hours and found that for a nominal fee I could get my site listed on owners.com, the MLS, and over 25 other popular websites. In addition it is extremely easy to print my own fliers, publish open house notices, and other options to help with the sale of my home. Selling your home FSBO can be extremely beneficial when it comes to avoiding that 6% realtors fee that takes any equity you have and turns your sale into a net loss. I’m sure I will get some realtors posting hate comments on this subject. That’s fine. Free speech, right? Guess what, the benefit of being the creator of this blog post, I can just hit “delete”, or ignore! I’ll probably even get some smart-ass posting that “realtor” is not even a term that includes all real estate agents. Again – “DELETE”! Haha. Most people refer to real estate agents as “realtors” whether they technically are or aren’t. It’s like calling a tissue a kleenex, which is actually just a brand name. Sorry…back on track here.

You Are Done With Homeview Sioux Falls

Homeview Sioux FallsMove on and find what you are looking for on your own. If you seriously are looking to purchase a home in Sioux Falls, you need to see this listing. Just click here. It’s my home for sale by owner. That’s right. I did all of this by myself because I can. Because it’s simple. And because I didn’t want to pay almost $20k to a realtor when I can do it myself. That’s worth $20k to me for a little extra work. And while you’re at it, check out my beautiful artwork in my daughter’s room. You’ll love it. Click on my listing and remove yourself from the hunt of a realtor on Homeview Sioux Falls.


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